Accountability to affected people 

The Joint UNHCR-WFP Programme Excellence and Targeting Hub provides technical support to WFP and UNHCR operations and strengthens collaboration between the two agencies at the global and regional level for the following accountability to affected people (AAP) areas: 

The strengthening of existing Community Feedback Mechanisms (CFMs) and the establishment of joint CFMs, including:

    • Raising awareness of CFMs
    • Receiving feedback and complaints
    • Referrals
    • Closing the feedback loop
    • Quality assurance
    • Monitoring beneficiaries’ satisfaction
    • Data analysis and reporting for programmatic and strategic decision-making

Key UNHCR and WFP AAP guidance documents


Accountability to affected people (AAP) support for targeting exercises, including:

    • Joint community engagement strategies
    • Community consultations on the targeting exercise
    • Key messages and information sharing campaigns
    • Complaints/appeals mechanisms

The strengthening of joint community engagement for specific programmes (such as for cash assistance) or to prevent or address rumours.

AAP Guidance Manual - WFP

AAP Operational Guidance - UNHCR

AAP Senior Management Guidance - UNHCR

Participatory Techniques and Tools - WFP

Technical Briefs

UNHCR-WFP AAP Self-Assessment

Community Engagement Strategy template

UNHCR-WFP Joint Action Plan to Address Rumours

Community Consultations to Inform Targeting and Prioritization

Terms of Reference for Community Consultations

Integrating Protection and AAP in Assessments and Monitoring

Joint Feedback Mechanism SOP template

Key Informant Interview Guide for Consultations with Refugees for Targeting

Available in English and French

Focus Group Discussion Guide for Consultations with Refugees for Targeting
Focus Group Discussion Guide for Consultations with Host Communities for Targeting

Available English and French

Designing and Implementing Joint Feedback Mechanisms