The Hub provides support for operations to develop joint targeting and prioritization strategies for food and basic needs assistance to vulnerable refugees. 

The Hub support on targeting closely follows the UNHCR-WFP Joint Targeting principles and the UNHCR-WFP Joint Targeting Guidelines and has the goal to facilitate the delivery of needs-based assistance while supporting the path towards self-reliance. 

The Hub supports country offices in:  

  • Analysing available data to inform potential targeting and prioritization exercises 
  • Developing evidence-based and protection-sensitive frameworks to identify the most vulnerable individuals and inform targeted interventions 
  • Identifying the most appropriate targeting method(s) for each context  
  • Documenting the end-to-end analytical process and steps needed to develop a targeting and prioritization strategy 
  • Implementing targeting and prioritization strategies 
  • Developing monitoring tools to track the long-term progress of the targeting strategy and assess the refugees’ needs after the delivery of targeted assistance. 

Additional resources, guidance and tools supporting targeting and prioritization, including examples of UNHCR-WFP Joint targeting approaches, can be found on the Hub documents page.

UNHCR-WFP Joint Principles on Targeting of Assistance to Meet Basic Needs

UNHCR-WFP Joint Guidance on Targeting of Assistance to Meet Basic Needs

WFP Operational Guidance Note on Targeting and Prioritization