Uganda hosts approximately 1.5 million refugees, originating from South Sudan (57%), Democratic Republic of the Congo (32%), Somalia (4%) Burundi (3%) and the rest from Eritrea, Rwanda and other countries. Refugees have been welcomed, registered, allocated land and provided with legal documents.

In December 2020, UNHCR and WFP country offices jointly requested support from the Joint Hub to assist them in (1) revising the socio-economic and protection vulnerability frameworks, in order to facilitate needs-based prioritisation; and (2) operationalising the shift to a needs-based prioritisation approach for the delivery of food assistance.

In response, the Joint Hub has provided various forms of support to the operations in Uganda, from early 2021 onwards.  Support has included the deployment of a staff member as Joint Hub Country Coordinator for six months in 2022, four in-country missions and ongoing remote technical support.

The Joint Hub has contributed to building the capacity of staff in country operations throughout the process so that monitoring, analysis and implementation of the targeting approach, as well as future assessments, continue to be conducted jointly.

The full report is available here.