For many years, UNHCR and WFP assistance for food and basic needs in Rwanda had been provided to all refugees living in camps. Both agencies recognized that while there are still high levels of vulnerability, not all refugees in Rwanda are equally vulnerable and in need of long-term humanitarian assistance.

Since May 2021 UNHCR and WFP moved to a needs-based targeting approach for the provision of cash for food assistance to refugees in camps, with support from the UNHCR-WFP Joint Hub with the following objectives:

  • Identify and support the most vulnerable refugee households in need of humanitarian assistance and less vulnerable refugees with higher capacities who would benefit from livelihoods support, while

  • Ensuring the greatest protection outcomes through strong community participation, communications with refugee communities, and risk analysis to inform the approach.

UNHCR-WFP staff reflect on progress so far…



In the above video, Ndèye Aissatou M. Ndiaye, UNHCR Representative, Edith Heines, WFP Country Director, Inka Himanen, WFP Head of Programme, and Zahra Mirghani, UNHCR Senior Protection Officer, reflect on the progress made so far.


For more information on UNHCR and WFP move to a needs-based targeting approach in Rwanda, you can read a four-page summary here.